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Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

Most weddings these days (well pre-covid) have guests attending from out of town. Or perhaps you are having a destination wedding. Either way, it’s great to give your guests who are traveling to your wedding a welcome bag. So today’s post will talk about wedding welcome bag ideas and the top things they need! The best place to start is, of course, the bag! If you are trying to be budget-friendly, you could do a nice paper bag, with a stamp on the front, or you could shell out the extra bucks, and splurge on a nice tote! Either way, your guests will appreciate the gesture, given that they have traveled to celebrate with you! Here are some fun ideas & tips!

1. Your weekend itinerary.

If your guests are coming in from out of town, this will be seriously helpful! It will let them know where they need to be, and when. You could also include fun ideas that they can do on their offtime. Perhaps some brochures to local attractions! Here’s an awesome example!

2. Treats and snacks.

Hotel good is expensive, as most of us are aware, and after a long day of travel, it is nice to be able to unpack and have something to nibble on! Maybe your city or location has a special snack? For example, cheese curds, beignets, popcorn, etc.

3. Recovery kit!

This is a popular addition to wedding bags. After a long night of dancing and eating, and most likely drinking, a recovery kit comes in super handy. Add in some Advil, vitamin c, maybe some Pepto! They will seriously thank you!

4. Thank You Note !

Some of your guest have traveled across the country to be present on your special day. Show them your gratitude by including a Thank You note.

5. Stick with your wedding colors

Stay on brand and create a welcome bag that is cohesive with the colors and theme of your wedding.

6. Quality over Everything

Remember that quantity doesn't equal quality. Focus on items that your guest will actually use, note cheap gifts that will fill the bag up.

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