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Baby Shower Game Ideas

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Source: Unsplash

1. Price is Right

Babies come with a whole lot of stuff. See who’s best at guessing the cost of it all! Set out a table with pictures of baby items, like cribs, car seats*, and strollers*, and have your guests match price tags to each item. You might consider printing a picture of expensive baby items and a picture of the same item but less expensive and seeing if your guests can differentiate the two based on price. You can your very own Price is Right with the exception of Drew Carey, of course!

2. You Feed Your Baby That?

This is a taste bud experience that will live on in your memory forever! We love it not only because of how fun it is but also how cheap it is. To play, buy some jars of baby food* and remove the labels. Number each jar and create a tasting plate for each guest by placing a clear number of stickers on a disposable plate. Pass around each jar and have every guest place a small amount on their plate at the corresponding number. Try to guess the most correct flavors to win. Your entire shower will be perplexed trying to figure out exactly what they are eating and how babies enjoy it so much!

3. Stroller Obstacle Course

You may be licensed to drive a motor vehicle, but how about a stroller*? We will put that to the test with this unique game! The mother-to-be will soon be having to navigate her stroller through tight spaces and crowds, so this game makes perfect sense for the shower. Test the guests and your own skills by creating an obstacle course. You can easily assemble a course by placing traffic cones and lanes marked by rope, ribbon, or pool noodles! For added fun, pick up a doll to be the dummy and race through the course. May the best stroller driver win!

4. Balloon Challenge

This is a spontaneous game! Write on small pieces of paper different challenges, such as singing a lullaby or acting out hilarious baby scenes, as well as one “winner” paper. Have the guests take turns choosing and popping her balloon and then performing the challenge on it. Add props such as pacifiers* and teething rings* to encourage everyone to be fun and creative!

5. Hot Diaper, Hot Diaper!

This game’s just like Hot Potato, but instead, pass around a dirty diaper! We suggest making this diaper by melting chocolate bark into a diaper for the appearance without the stench! Have a DJ ) who will play music and stop it at random times. Whoever is stuck with the diaper when the music stops is out. Everyone will be full of suspense to see who gets the mess on them!

6. Pin the Baby on the Mommy

For this game, print out a large picture of the mother-to-be. Pin it to a wall with tape or thumbtacks. You will also need a picture of a baby, a blindfold*, and a ribbon*. Blindfold your guests and hand them the baby picture with the ribbon attached. Let them take their best guess on where to pin the baby to the printout of the mother. The results will truly be hilarious to witness!

7. Diaper Messages

As guests arrive at the shower, ask them to use a marker*, and write on the front of a few diapers* for messages to the parents. After all of the guests have written something, place them throughout boxes of plain diapers and give them to the expectant mother to take home. Make them funny so it’s a little treat for both parents when they have to wake up in the middle of the night to change the baby! Some examples are, “But aren’t I so cute?”, “Why do you look so tired; it’s only 3 AM!”, or “I tried to warn you that I didn’t like the food when you were feeding it to me!”

8. Bottle Drinking Competition

Show that you still have that party animal left in you without any alcohol! Fill baby bottles* with either water or juice, and make your guests face-off by seeing who can finish a bottle the quickest. For real fun, rig the competition: use one bottle that has a really small opening or none at all. The guest with that bottle is sure to have a tantrum, a great way to prepare for the baby!

9. Fishing For Nipples

This is an inexpensive option that will still bring loads of entertainment. To play, simply fill up a large bucket* of water, throw in baby bottle nipples*, and ask your guests to bob for the nipples. This is a baby shower twist on the old bobbing for apples game!

10. Feed Me!

Break your guests into teams of two and sit them across from one another. Blindfold each person, and place a trash bag (with a hole cut out for their head) over one person. Have the other person feed the “baby” a snack-size pudding* as quickly as they can. You can also use treats like Jello* or whipped cream. We also suggest putting down plastic or cardboard to make cleaning up easy!

11. Mother’s Measurements

It’s no secret the baby shower guest of honor is getting larger by the day with her ever-growing child inside. Ask your guests to cut a string* or twine* they think will fit around mommy’s stomach. Whoever has the closest fitting string wins a prize. Not only is this a great time for the guests, but it will also create a wonderful keepsake for the mother-to-be!

12. Diaper Change Relay Race

Time is going to be a precious commodity for the mother-to-be in the coming months and years. Use that to make a game! Get a baby doll and some doll clothing*, and have the guests race in dressing it up. Teams should be assembled with one or two people monitoring each team to ensure they follow the steps correctly. The teams begin with the baby doll in a diaper and must take it off and put a new one on. Once every team member has wiped the baby and put a diaper on, the team is finished.

13. Act It Out

Split your group up into two teams. Have each team whisper a word to the other team that relates only to babies, pregnancy, and parenthood. That team has to act out that word to their team. To spice it up, get props like pacifiers, rattles*, a baby monitor*, toys, and stuffed animals for them to truly act out their word! Not only are these props good for the game, but they also are a great gift in the end for the mother-to-be.

Baby Shower Games: Word & Trivia Games

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14. Did You Hear That Advice?

Play a game of telephone. What makes this game of telephone unique is that the sentence must be a helpful piece of advice for the mom-to-be. Let the advice cover absolutely everything to ensure that at some point it gets twisted into something completely hilarious! For example, if you were to begin the game, you could tell the neighboring guest “(Mom-to-be) needs to stick to an early bedtime because she needs to be able to recharge her battery after long days of caring for her baby.”

15. What She Said

For a hilarious play on baby words, write everything that the expecting mom says as she opens up all of her gifts. Once she has finished, read her responses aloud as things that she may have said the night when the baby was created. We aren’t responsible for how hard your sides will be hurting from laughing!

16. Speed List

This is like speed-dating except we are in a room with decent people, and we are focused on babies for a change. To play, name as many baby items you can in three minutes. You would be surprised how quickly people run out of ideas and what they will say when that happens!

17. Baby Sock Estimate

This is a spin-off of the classic “Guess How Many Pennies Are In A Jar” game adapted to fit your baby shower. To do this, fill a clear container* with as many baby socks